About Us

About Glancez 

Glancez /glænses/ is a contemporary fashion label established in Hong Kong. A proud holder of International acclaimed honours, the A’Design Award Winner for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design category at Italy during 2016. The namesake was formed through a combination of wordplay with the realisation of an individual’s desire when ‘ taking several glances ’ at eye-catching designs. 

The focus has always been to incorporate a diversified sense of artistry into the collection’s design. Every individual piece has been meticulously designed and produced. Hence, the collection is best described as wearable art — one of a kind garment pieces designed and precisely tailored to the physique of different individuals. 

" As a brand, we are taking steps toward sustainability in fashion — a topic we care most. The making of this collection bears no wastage as we fully utilized all materials into creating accessories that match the collection pieces. From 90’s inspired scrunchies to earrings — we are constantly creating new designs to attain our goal favouring zero waste. "



“ Glancez believes in illuminating life with vibrant colours through a dynamic attitude. A great emphasis on radiance is to be instilled by the minds of the highly imaginative. ” as the label proudly publish it’s statement online. The label has collaborated with several contemporary artists resulting with previous collections, accessories and housewares in vibrant shades of colours. Not forgetting to keep in mind the playful and polished look that enjoys.


  • Showcased during Paris Fashion Week SS19 at Intercontinental Paris - Le Grand by Oxford Studio
  • A' Design Award Winner for Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Category in 2016 (Italy)
  • Winner of Moda Aesthetics, Summer School Competition 2016 (Netherlands)